Thursday, November 23, 2017

Happy Thanksgiving, Black Friday and more

Hi All,
It's almost Thanksgiving and I'm guessing that most of you (if not all) will be either travelling to be with family or friends, or hosting them in your own home.  I'm taking this opportunity to wish you a wonderful time of togetherness and giving thanks.  I'm also guessing that Thanksgiving Day is a busy time and there won't be much time to be reading blogs, emails and such, so this is the last you'll hear from me until all the festivities are over and the big sales in the coming days are past.

Really then, this is so you are aware of what I have in my store at The Studio for you at this time and during this weekend.

THANKSGIVING DAY:  50% off Storewide - this is one of our huge sale days!! 

BLACK FRIDAY:  $1.00 DOORBUSTERS and 50% off Storewide

SATURDAY:  40% off Storewide

SUNDAY:  30% off Storewide

CYBER MONDAY:  $1:00 DOORBUSTERS and 50% off Storewide

I have two new CU collab Grab Bags, both containing 6 full size packs for $6.00 - VALUE YOU CAN'T BEAT!
As usual, I've teamed up with my bestie, Manu, of Manu Scraps to bring you this bag - with BONUS paper pack!
This bag contains a mix of exciting new goodies for your stash - all for just $6.00!!

The second bag "All About Men" has a great masculine theme put together with my good friend, Diane, of ADB Designs.

Finding good quality resources for male kits can be difficult, so this should be a great help - and all for just $6.00.  Don't miss this one!




Well folks, that's it from me!
Enjoy your THANKSGIVING DINNER (and as you're enjoying your Turkey and Cherry Pie - think of me here in Australia where we don't have Thanksgiving Day.  LOL)


Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Biggest Black Friday Deal - EVER!

This is crazy, but true!! You must check this out - time is short - Black Friday is so close.

And you could be a WINNER!! 

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This is HUGE!!

I just had to get this amazing news out! 

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I can't wait to see who WINS! 

Thursday, November 16, 2017

It's November - Give thanks!

We all have so much to be grateful for.  I know Thanksgiving in North America is a time for families to get together and celebrate and yes, not just to celebrate, but to give thanks to God too.  In Australia, we don't have such a day - Christmas is our big day of family get togethers, festivities, celebration and thankfulness for all the blessings we have.  When we look at the plight of refugees worldwide, the victims of war, drought, flood, earthquake, fires and hurricanes, the poor and starving, and so many others who have next to nothing, yet can still smile - I am eternally grateful for where I live and all that I have.  I am mindful of my abundance and I truly give God thanks daily.  Having much means that we have much to give. 

This isn't meant to be a sermon, (hahaha), but I just wanted to draw attention to this significant and special time of year - especially for those in North America - and even though Canada has already had their Thanksgiving.  Let's all give remember to give thanks!

My second purpose was to show the new minikits that I have in store: 

"Winter Warmth" has a warm palette and "Winter Sparkle" was inspired by a cool palette. 

These are both priced at $2.99 but are currently on introductory special for $2.09 - 30% off

I've also put my Autumn 'more-than-a-mini' on sale - "Autumn's Kiss" is priced at $3.99 but 30% off saves you $1.20.  It is currently $2.79.

These three are perfect for this season of the year.

I also recently released a new Commercial Use pack of border transparencies. 

CU Border Overlays:

Six transparent border overlays - currently $4.50, 35% off for a limited time so just $2.92.

Add a little extra to your papers.  Great for any time of year.

Lastly just a mention of my November Start Up Challenge at theStudio:

This challenge is growing in popularity - you get a little starter minikit for free and once you completed the challenge there is a bonus gift at the end of the month.  Make sure both sections of the challenge are fulfilled! 

This month's starter mini:

I have a lovely little freebie included in my newsletter this week too - are you signed up?

Have a great rest of the week!

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Tiny prices - bargains for you!

Do you like a bargain?  I guess most of us do, especially when we find something that we need or that really appeals to us.  Well, I have news for you...right now, at the Studio we have our $2.00 Kit Sale.
Yes, that's right, several kits have been set on sale which means "Big Savings".  Don't miss these!

Want more tiny prices??  I have just released my next set of "CU Bit'n'Bobs".  These are Mini Value Packs, normally priced at just $1.50, they are currently 25% off, so for a limited time they are $1.12.  Crazy, I know, but true!!  (I bundled these new packs together too, so you can have all four for $3.00 - that's 50% off.  Find the bundle HERE.)

Quick look:

Did you pick up your $1.00 packs (or $8 bundle) in the Co-ordinated Collection?  There's only a few days left on these.  You'll find my collection, "Mountain Air" in store HERE.

Quick look:

Last, but not least, if you think a FREEBIE would be great, as well as all these super savings, spend $8 on personal use products and you can add the Free With Purchase to your cart.  My "Tea or Coffee" is FWP for a few more days only.

Quick look:

That's it for this week.  Have a wonderful weekend!

Sunday, October 15, 2017

New Mix'n'Match Collection + Freebie

It's that time again...Co-ordinated Collection time at theStudio!

Each quarter the designers get together around a common palette to create beautiful collections that will allow you to pick and choose to create your own wonderful matching collection.  The theme this time is "Highlands" with the Scottish Highlands being the underlying inspiration.  Not everyone has been to Scotland or wants to go to Scotland, so I took a slightly different path and while using the same palette, chose "Mountain Air" as my theme.  

As I was designing this bundle, the lines of the Kite song from Mary Poppins kept running through my head: 'Up through the atmosphere, Up where the air is clear'. My thoughts were filled with pictures of high mountains where the air is pure and clean.  I could almost smell the pine forests on the mountain slopes.  I could 'see' the clear mountain streams and waterfalls and the crystal clear lakes.  I pictured sitting in a rocking chair on the verandah of a log cabin, taking walks through forests and listening to the music of water tumbling over rocks as it made it way down to a valley far below.  I could see a camp site on the edge of a lake with families gathered around a camp fire cooking dinner and chattering about their adventure-filled days.  I just wanted to breathe in that mountain air and let it fill my lungs and refresh my body and soul.

My MOUNTAIN AIR Collection has a total of eight packs - each priced at just $1.00 for a limited time.  The 8 pack bundle is just $8.00 right now.  Take a look at my bundle:
The Element pack contains 76 elements, there are 18 mixed Papers, 12 Art Papers, 12 Textured Solids, Photomasks, Page Accents, Transparent Border Overlays and Wordart. 
This Collection is not to be missed!!  Check it out in MY STORE:

CU Collab Grab Bag by Manu Scraps and myself will be gone on Monday and will be split into individual packs to go into our separate stores.  Grab this while you still can at just $6 for 6 full-sized Commercial Use packs (also good for Personal Use.)

Co-ordinating FREEBIE Add-on that matches with the Co-ordinated Collection at TheStudio!
Don't forget to pick yours up at TheStudio today!!

Enjoy your weekend!!

Saturday, October 7, 2017

DSD News!

It's that time of year again...DSD (Digital Scrapbooking Day) and there is a lot going on around digi-world this weekend.

First of all, at The Studio, we have a 50% off storewide sale this weekend, plus other special things to whet your digi appetite...such as $1 FLASH SALES...
I have Personal Use and Commercial Use products in the one day only Flash Sales, so this is Friday's:
Be quick - time is nearly up for these... ruuuunnnnn!!

Saturday I have these:
And Sunday I have these:
Don't miss out on these great bargain buys.

Then my good friend, designer Manu of Manu Scraps, and I have put together this fantastic Commercial Use Collab Grab Bag - that 6 full sized packs for just $6.00!  These won't be
available for long, so get in quick.  These can also be used for Personal Use. 
Take a look at full reveal in store HERE.

The October Start-Up Challenge is waiting for you in the Forum HERE.
Download your FREE Start-Up Mini Kit, add a few extra pieces from your stash, to create a beautiful page.  
This is October's Mini:


Next Designer Contest and Layout Artist Competition - these kick off on October 7.  Sign up now HERE.
These are great fun!  

The next quarterly Co-ordinated Collection is due to be released in a few days...
Here's a 'Sneak Peek' at mine


That's it for today...
Have a wonderful weekend!

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Scandinavian Adventure

A few years ago I was able to tick something off my bucket list - a trip to Scandinavia!  It was one of those, 'if I don't do it this year, I probably won't ever get to do it', decisions.
At the time I was a children's librarian, and one of the big attractions for me was a visit to the place of Hans Christian Andersen's birth and the museum in Odense, dedicated to this wonderful author. I had booked a tour of Scandinavia, but I decided to arrive a few days earlier than the tour departure date so that I could go to Odense.  I searched online and found out all I could about travel to Odense. It seemed that rail was the best transport to take, so I booked a hotel close to the railway station within walking distance from Copenhagen's central business district.  I arrived at the railway station and asked in English about taking a train to Odense.  The lady in the ticket box didn't speak much English, but after a little to-ing and fro-ing, I managed to purchase a return rail ticket and waited patiently on the platform for my train.  The train whizzed through the countryside and after a little while I was in Odense.
I've always believed that the most important tool when travelling is your tongue.  I asked for directions and finally found the little village that is all 'Hans Christian Andersen'.  I wandered the cobblestone streets and admired the small cottages.  I found a very small one with a plaque that had "Hans Christian Anderson" on it and I was able to wander through the rooms, my imagination running wild with images of what it must have been like to be born in such a place.
In the little village there was a souvenir shop (there's always one, isn't there?) and there was a delightful range of Christmas products that proved light enough to pack in my luggage.  I like to buy Christmas decorations of places I've been to - it makes my Christmas tree decidedly 'international'.
Next I came upon the Museum and what a totally fascinating place it was!  In such a place, children can immerse themselves in the fairytales.  I spent quite a long time reading about each exhibit.  I loved the three dimensional displays and marvelled at the thought and detail that had gone into this magical place.
Having visited Odense, the sculpture of The Little Mermaid in Copenhagen had special significance.
Another highlight pre-tour, was Tivoli Gardens.  I met another traveller in the hotel and we decided to meet up and go to Tivoli Gardens on our last night.  It was another fun place to visit and I was glad of the company.
The day after I transferred to the hotel where the tour group was departing from.  The next stage of my Scandinavian Adventure was about to begin.

Well, there's a little intro to my wonderful, memorable travels through Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Russia (to St Petersburg), Estonia, back to Sweden, then through Norway and back to Denmark.

Recently a customer made an enquiry through the Studio about Scandinavian digital scrapbooking kits. It sparked my interest and I decided to create such a kit.  I wanted to produce a kit that was totally authentic to the region and I think I have done just that.

My "Scandinavian Adventure" kit is now in my store at the Studio and is currently 30% off as an introductory offer for a limited time.

Here is a look at this huge kit which has 95 individual elements and 24 papers in a variety of styles.

 I decided to scrap some of my memories with my kit.  Here are two of my pages:

 If you have been to Scandinavia, or have plans to travel there...may I suggest that you take a look at this kit as a means to scrapbooking your travel memories.

Have a great weekend.
Happy scrapping!